Apply These 5 Effective Methods To Improve Inner Balance

We are rushing around, we are racing, we are pacing in a hurry to get nowhere fast. If you are trying to find more inner balance within yourself, first start by asking yourself the question, “Am I living for the external world or for the internal world? ”.

Inner Balance Method 1: Change your relationship to time

A lot of people say they don’t have time, but the real problem, in this case, is not a lack of time but a lack of harmony within themselves.

The harmony or inner balance that we refer to can also be defined as the equilibrium. It’s about being neutral, it’s when all your cells are sinking in your praises.

The way our whole world is designed is to take away our time.

Time is a very limited, but probably one of the most powerful resources you could have. The more time you have, the more you can actualize and manifest your wildest desires.

But it’s all about how you use time constructively every single day.

What takes away your inner balance is attributing value to things that don’t matter. When you attribute value to the things that matter, you create more inner balance.

Inner balance is what is most important to you right now and are you making time for it.

Inner Balance Method 2: Don’t Label Emotions

Don’t label depression, anxiety or insecurity as negative. These emotions are not illnesses, they are part of the expression of life.

When you say that anxiety, depression or insecurity are bad; in essence you are suppressing feelings because you believe it’s not acceptable to feel that way.

Instead, embrace sadness like you embrace happiness. It’s ok to be anxious because it’s a sign, it’s a message being communicated to you through your body which propels you to become your greatest version.

The same goes with depression. It is a message that we have to read, we have to open, we have to be attentive to because with that you find your greatest power. You can’t find your power when you say “that’s unacceptable to feel depressed”.

Stop judging how you feel. It’s not so much what we go through that causes the disharmony, it’s about our attitude and thoughts towards the things we go through.

Inner Balance Method 3: Food

Some people say they don’t have time to prepare food, but they have time to eat fast food.

Many of the foods you eat, mirror back how you feel about yourself. If you eat junk food, a lot of the time is because you don’t feel worthy.

People always say, “I will eat the best food when I finish studying” or “I will eat healthy when I get that new job”. But remember that once you take care of yourself 100%, everything else is taken care of.

Don’t wait. Start treating yourself better right now.

Inner balance starts with self-care, it starts with the relationship you have towards yourself.

Inner Balance Method 4: Relax

Slow down. Many times we are afraid of standing up for our right. Once you start to slow down, through meditation for example, you also realize that you don’t have to lie to yourself.

We regularly show to the world what we think the world wants to see, but at the same time you have to ask yourself, “Am I staying authentic to how I really feel?” It’s not about just saying yes or no to people.

It’s about listening to the intuition inside of yourself to see that you always have to be in alignment with your real feelings. You have to get inside your emotions and honor them.

If you don’t do that, you automatically place yourself in an environment which doesn’t complement your energy. Being in the right environment brings more harmony and balance into your life.

Inner Balance Method 5: Change perspective

Oftentimes we feel discomforted because deep down we are not doing what we know we are meant to do. We are living someone else’s life. When you are living someone else’s life, you always feel unbalanced.

Attributing value to things that don’t matter causes unbalance. A great way of getting it back is to really focus on activities that make you energized, those activities that are most important to you.

It’s not about how much money you made today, it’s about how you felt making it.

Inner balance is about feeling everything without judgment and accepting yourself 100%.

Share with the world, uplift the world, inspire the world, but then realize you are the world.

Before the world can change, you have to change yourself. You have to bring about the inner balance within yourself which is needed for the great change.

About the Author

Matteo Trovato writes about positive ideas for living a happier life and becoming your greatest version. You can connect with him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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