This Is How Men Fall In Love

How men fall in love is very different than how women fall in love, and it has to do with how men are wired up. A man’s brain is completely compartmentalized, it’s like a giant apartment complex. Men have one apartment for each thing in their lives.

They have one apartment for their job, one apartment for seeing, one apartment for hearing, one apartment for eating, one apartment for their car, one apartment for their partner, one huge apartment for sex, an other apartment for sports, a little studio apartment for their feelings.

The trick though is that men can only be in one apartment at a time and this very different from women’s brains. Women’s brains are completely connected. Their job is connected to their car, to their money, to how they feel about themselves, to their girl friends, to their relationship, etc.

Women’s connection center, the corpus callosum which is right in between the right and left hemisphere, is up to 20% bigger than men’s.

Women’s emotional area and their sexual area are super connected, so often in a relationship women will know how they feel about a man, much sooner than a man will know how he feels about a woman. That’s because the area that controls a man’s sex drive is entirely on the opposite side of his brain from where his emotions are. And a man’s sexual area is huge compared to the emotional area.

This is one of the most influential aspect of how men fall in love.

When a man meets a woman, typically he is in the sexual area of his brain. Which is a good thing. This means that he is attracted to that woman. Men do not marry women that they are not sexually attracted to.

But there is one word that allows a man to fall in love with a woman, because oftentimes when he goes out with a woman there is some sexual energy and he wonders if he’s going to get some action.

So if you are woman, the word that allows him to fall in love with you is “NO”. By saying no, you are not going to sleep with him, you are not going to give it up until he signs your “contract”.

But what is your contract?

Your contract is what is required to be with you before you will sleep with him. What do you need in this relationship mentally and emotionally before you will sleep with him?

If you don’t give up, then he will come to the conclusion that if wants to hang out with you again he will not get any action. And the only reason he will hang out with you again is because he likes you and he has an emotional connection with you.

At that moment he will move out of his sexual apartment all the way to his emotional apartment and will start asking himself questions like, “Do I feel like a man around her? Do I want to be with her? Do I have what it takes to make her happy?

By saying “no”, you make sure that he understands what your contract is. Stating your want is also one of the sexiest things a woman can do. One of the sexiest four letter words that a woman can speak is W.A.N.T.

This is how men fall in love.

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