How To Stop Worrying: 6 Essential Steps

Do you have too many thoughts in your head? How can you think less and feel more? Relaxation is what we are, stress is what we think we should be.

We are constantly bombarded by information from all angles of the world. It is overwhelming. There is panic. There is anxiety. We need to understand what is going on.

The unexamined life is not worth living

However there is a problem. What happens when you are in bed shaking attempting to go to sleep and you can’t? You get stuck in rumination and this in turn affects your equilibrium.

To stop worrying you have to become honest with yourself. Think less and live more.

In the past few years I have found 6 ways that have helped me to stop worrying, to stop excessive thinking and start living more.

  1. How to stop worrying – Tip 1: Live in the present

    You have to bring your emotions into the present. Many people think about the past or the future which has not even taken place yet, therefore there is panic and anxiety because they are caught up in the anticipation.

    Worrying will not change the outcome. You have to tap into the power of now because that is where the energy lies.

    Thoughts can block you from the present, so to reconnect back to it you have to let go of all your preconceived ideas.

    You have to go to the places where you find your greatest power. When you do what you love you don’t think.

    Too many people are caught in their minds, they analyze every little detail. You have to start observing children again and you will notice that they are always in the now. You have to get back into the present moment.

  2. How to stop worrying – Tip 2: Let go of control

    We are always attempting to control the world that is outside of ourselves, without seeing that we are the world. The world is a reflection of what takes place within your mind.

    You have no control of what anybody thinks of you. Put yourself out there. People can judge, people can say whatever they want, but the only thing that matters is that you know who you are.

    You have no way of controlling how other people act towards you, only how you respond.

    By realizing this, you take a huge weight off of your shoulder. This is how to stop worrying, to think less and live more.

  3. How to stop worrying – Tip 3: The big picture

    Putting things in perspective helps you deal with anxiety and panic.

    How big is your problem?

    Open your eyes. Go outside. You have to see how other people are living. Talk to people. Open your mind and see that your problems are not as big as you think they are.

  4. How to stop worrying – Tip 4: Honor your experiences

    Once you can honor your experiences, you stop judging them. Through honoring your experiences, you can learn from them. You can grow.

    Many people don’t want to think certain thoughts, but resistance makes those thoughts stronger. Therefore the same thoughts that they don’t want to think about, are the same thoughts that multiply.

    You have to ask yourself, “how is this thought serving me?”.

    Realize that you are the creator of your own reality, therefore there is no one else to blame. You are not a helpless victim, you are a co-creator. You are the architect of your own life.

    You have to become neutral in honoring your experiences.

    If you feel fear, experience the fear. If you feel happy, experience the happiness. Let the emotions flow through you like the waves in the ocean.

  5. How to stop worrying – Tip 5: Who cares

    You have to let go of perfection.

    Too many of us have been locked in this 3D world of matter. Is it really worth it stressing and worrying about one tiny problem which in the grander scheme of things is so insignificant?

    Many people have so many “problems” going on simultaneously, but you have to remember that thinking does not change anything. Only action. You have to put your thoughts  into action.

    Nature is a great healer. You have to be in nature. Sit next to a tree and listen to yourself.

    Many people have become disconnected on social media networks. You have to remember to reconnect back to the elements, in nature.

    You have to meditate. Meditation is letting go of who you think you are. Meditation is stepping into being.

    Body, mind and spirit are interconnected. All the power lies within your hands. If you don’t do what you love than you are not living enough.

  6. How to stop worrying – Tip 6: Embrace your uniqueness

    Stop comparing yourself to other people. That is a great way to stop worrying and start living.

    Many of us are stuck in our minds because we want to be someone else. You have to be yourself. The danger of competition is falling into the illusion that someone is playing the same game as you.

    There is nobody in the world like you. You are unique. Embrace your uniqueness

    Many people over think because they want to be someone else. But you have to see that you have all the tools you need right inside of you.

    Create your own path. This is how to stop worrying.

Whenever you are worried or over thinking, ask yourself, “how do I feel right now?”. It is only when you try to escape the present moment that you become worried.

Remember that there is no need to live a life full of misery. We all came here to shine and be magnificent beings. Go out to the world and stop worrying.

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Matteo Trovato writes about positive ideas for living a happier life and becoming your greatest version. You can connect with him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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