How to Forgive Someone Quickly and Easily

We all need to learn how to forgive someone. We have to learn to release the resentment, the tension, the pain and the sorrow that stick inside us when we can’t forgive someone. It is so critically important that we are able to release these emotions because ultimately holding on to this resentments, it hinders the progress of your personal life.

We really have to master how to forgive someone quickly and easily so that we can release this nonsense serving energetics that just keep us stuck.

The first mindset that will really help you to forgive someone is that everything that everyone does is either an active love, or a cry for love. If you break down any situation and any actions, you can get it back to its core component of whether it is an active love or a cry for love.

When you see the world from this mindset, it starts chipping away the resentment that you have being unable to forgive someone for something.

The second mindset to master in order to forgive someone is that everybody is doing the best they can, with the tools they have. Those tools are: understanding, knowledge, mindset, beliefs, thought patterns, etc.

Forgiveness starts within, so the third mindset that you have to understand is that nobody can hurt you but you. You are the only person that hurts you. The first person you need to forgive is yourself.

Combine these three mindsets and you are now in a place to forgive people quickly and easily because you have the tools and the understanding to see a higher light and a higher awareness, and you understand that holding on these resentments is only going to keep you stuck.

A lack of forgiveness, a 100% of the time, makes things much worse. Not only does it build up like a poison inside of you and disconnects you from other people, but it also ensures that you will get hurt again.

We carry a weight that we just can’t seem to let go, and it just gets heavier every day because time heals nothing. But the good news is that you can let all of that weight go, all you have to do is forgive.

Forgiveness is just to give as before, to care and love as before, to give in a relationship the way you once gave. What it does not mean is to forget. It does not mean that you necessarily start trusting someone again. There is a huge difference between trust and forgiveness.

Although it’s completely irrational, but the only reason why we don’t forgive is because we are seeking to punish ourselves or other people. And there is nothing productive about this. No good comes from our resentment.

We have this crazy idea that if we were to forgive and let it all go, we would somehow be sending the message that what they did was ok. And because we don’t want them to think that it’s ok, we hold on and on in order to properly punish them and make sure they learned their lesson.

The ultimate reason you should forgive someone who you know is never going to be sorry, is because forgiveness is not about them anyway.

Forgiveness is about you.

About the Author

Matteo Trovato writes about positive ideas for living a happier life and becoming your greatest version. You can connect with him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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