How To Deal With Toxic People

How do you deal with toxic people? Those people that wish you bad, people that wish you harm, people that make you feel nervous for no reason.

How do we deal with people who are violent towards us?

In life there are only two emotions: love or fear.

We can end up copying what these people are doing. If someone is horrible to you, you can copy them. But by doing so, you become like them, and it doesn’t make sense because you end up becoming like the very same people you are opposed to.

In dealing with toxic people, wisdom is power. It’s all about looking for a peaceful solution to any violence you incur, but it’s also about finding ways to stop absorbing other people’s energies.

Whenever you deal with toxic people and they are rude to you; ask yourself, “am I going to take the highest stand?”. So, the only way to deal with toxic people is to rise in consciousness.

How people treat you is not a reflection of who you are, instead it is a reflection of what they are experiencing and how they deal with the world around them.

The greatest friend and enemy lies within yourself. If there’s no enemy within you, there will be no enemy coming from the outside.

When you are enemy to yourself instead, when you don’t like who you are, then everyone becomes an enemy because they mirror back to you something that you are not ready to look at.

Always, once you create more harmony, it’s almost as if everything trying to come your way to harm you just vanishes.

Whatever you put out into the universe is what comes back to you. If there are toxic people or toxic friends in your life, you have to realize that if they are toxic they are not friends in the first place.

Friends act as a support network to you.

3 Final Steps for Dealing with Toxic People

  • Become more conscious of who you surround yourself with. Connect with those who remind you who you are.
  • Become more conscious of how society perceives you.
  • Become more conscious of how you perceive yourself.

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