How To Change Our Beliefs?

How do we change our beliefs? How do we get rid of beliefs that are no longer serving us? The longer you hold onto a belief, the more powerful it becomes. The beliefs we have are tied into the story we tell.

Everything we go through in life forms a page in our story, but we are not our story. It’s incredible how our beliefs govern every action we take. All of us have beliefs but we never ask why. Where did they come from?

A belief is the program that creates our reality. Beliefs always emanates from the past. So how do we change our beliefs? We have to face the belief and see what happens.

That is the only way to change otherwise the belief will only become strengthened.

Beliefs always deal with the external world. Never with the internal world; that is when knowing comes into place. We have to reach the state where we let go of beliefs altogether and step into knowing, which deals with the heart and not beliefs which deals with the mind.

How do we deal with our negative beliefs? You can’t change the external world, but you can control your internal world.

The moment we begin living from the inside out, our life begins to change. Once we create harmony within, the the world outside appears safe because in essence it is only a reflection.

How do we change beliefs? We change beliefs through breathing and becoming aware of our body. Our body reveals great secrets. The body never lies.

Many people feel they are not worthy but in reality you are enough. To change this belief you have to let go of society’s expectations.

Everything we have learned from the outside world is a belief. However, what we intrinsically know within our hearts, is part of our intuition and comes from a state of knowing.

To change our beliefs we have to look at the words that we use everyday. Words are powerful vibrations that shape our reality. Words help program the body.

We have to look at how we speak to ourselves even when we have an internal dialog. We can also use certain beliefs to empower us. You can say, “I am beautiful, I am strong, I am a great person”.

However the secret to beliefs is all about action. The secret to changing a belief is when we say to ourselves, “is this belief helping me?”, “is it promoting my wellness or is it draining my life force?”. But we have to look at our actions. If we want to change a belief, words will not suffice. We have to put our words into action.

Everything is based on belief. Belief is the possibility. Once we have a fixed belief then we have a fixed possibility.

If you believe that you came here to live in abundance, then you will. Certain people feel that they don’t deserve to live a life of freedom, happiness and joy. Therefore they subject themselves to constant suffering.

Other people instead feel worthy because they have changed that program which has been installed since birth.

Do not let one experience govern your reality because life is forever changing. Beliefs are tangible reality within the body, so we have to face whatever we fear and realize that fear is False Evidence Appearing Real.

We write the story and at any moment we can change it. The power lies in our hands. However, to change a belief we have to be open to a world of infinite possibilities. That is essential.

To change our belief we have to look at our daily routine. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is insanity. The only way to break this belief is to move out of our comfort zone.

We have to let go of any preconceived ideas that we have about people and things. In essence everything that creates separation.

Everything is based on perception. The perception we have of ourselves is greater than the perception other people have of us.

How we see the world is how the world responds to us. The more open we become to change the more our belief systems can change. The word only changes when we do. We have to embrace change. Life opens up when we embrace it.

It all starts with seeing that anything is possible.

About the Author

Matteo Trovato writes about positive ideas for living a happier life and becoming your greatest version. You can connect with him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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