How to Become Vegan

Are you wondering how to become vegan? Most people find it hard and challenging to drop the processed sugar, chicken, dairy, etc. Letting go of meat is more of a gradual process than an abrupt switch.

First of all you shouldn’t use the word vegan to define who you are.

You are an infinite being

Labels give us a sense of superiority when in essence we are all energy.

You have to be brave. Never tell people what you are going to do, show them the results. When they see how you’ve changed, that does wonders. A lot of times you will want to say, “Hey I am starting to eat healthier. I’m letting go of meat”. But all the people around you are going to start asking you, “What? Why? When? Who?” Watch out for Ws questions.

Keep silent instead. Just focus on yourself. Research. Educate yourself. Don’t become a vegan just because you are reading it on this site or because your next door neighbour said; do it because you want to. You will have to pay your juice. For a long time you will be questioning yourself, because you are going to get whisperers, “don’t do it, you are going to have a high-end deficiency, where are you going to get your protein”.

You have to become mentally strong. More so you have to ask yourself why are you doing this. Is it because you want to? So many people stopped eating meat and dairy because somebody told them to do so, but then they went right back eating it. You have to know why you are doing it.

You probably want to start doing it in stages. First start by letting go of beef, then chicken, then fish, milk, eggs and so on.

Research about all the different foods. Superfoods, chia seeds (fantastic source of protein), hemp seeds, drink a lot of smoothies, eat a lot of foods with phytonutrients such as kale. You will feel healthier, more confident and will have more clarity.

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Build a support network. You can’t do it all by yourself, or maybe you can but it’s going to be lonely.

But still, it’s not going to be easy because there is a lot of resistance. The old paradigm is still clinging on. The new paradigm is about respecting all life forms on the planet. It’s not necessarily about letting go, but it’s about finding a replacement, alternatives.

Instead of eating meat, you can eat, quinoa, tofu, beans, lentils and you stay there because it tastes really good.

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Instead of drinking milk, you go to almond milk and you stay there because that tastes excellent. Instead of eating processed sugar, you go to raw cane sugar.

The alternatives are infinite. Just research a way and all the answers will come your way. What may be stopping you from embracing a more plant-based diet is the money that you are going to spend on food. But remember to yourself that all this is worth it. Certain times you can’t be stingy if you are not eating meat. You have to realize that your health is wealth.

Having a heart attack is a lot more expensive, but there are alternatives. You can go to your local farmers market. Yes it sounds adventurous, but you are going to have to take that trip. That’s initiation.

Have fun, eat with other people. That way you won’t eat that fast and you are going to save yourself money in the long run. Also, remind yourself that you don’t have to feel guilty about sharing your story with the world because we are going through a metamorphosis on the Planet.

The whole Earth is awakening

The more you step into your truth, the more the world will become a better place. The world needs more people in their true authenticity. All life is sacred. You have to realize that becoming a vegan and eating raw foods is just the tip of the iceberg. It doesn’t end there, that’s just the beginning. That’s just a part of the evolution. That’s the catalyst for helping you become your greatest version.

So, every day take small steps. Share with people. Most importantly, don’t put all of this pressure on yourself. You are going to learn a lot about what to eat and how your body works. Get to know your body.

It’s not only about eating a raw food diet or a vegan diet. It’s about eating foods that work for you, your uniqueness that makes you happy, that makes you confident, that makes you trust yourself.

Stay well. Stay healthy.

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Matteo Trovato writes about positive ideas for living a happier life and becoming your greatest version. You can connect with him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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