How To Be More Attractive To Women

The most attractive person in the room is the one who finds themselves the most attractive. Many times men are told that they need big muscles to be more attractive. So they spend their whole lives working on the external of themselves to look better. At the same time a lot of men neglect their inner balance.

Once you have inner balance, once you know thyself, you automatically become more attractive. You can’t make someone be attracted to you.

First of all you have to be their type. At the same time you can become your own attraction. Once you become a master of your craft, you find the one you love by doing what you love.

Women love seeing men with passion

Once you are following your true calling, this is super attractive. Why? Because you are loving yourself a 100%. You are in self-care. Not only are you taking care of your physical appearance because looks do matter, but at the same time you are reconnecting back to your true authenticity. That is extremely attractive to women.

Why every woman loves a bad boy?

Why do we hear the talk of women loving bad boys? It’s because anybody who is prepared to jump from a plane is attractive. Why so? Because if you are going to jump off a plane, then imagine what you would for me in a relationship.

Taking risks is universally attractive. That is why a lot of women gravitate to the so-called “bad boy”; because they are breaking rules.

At school they don’t want to listen. They are alpha males, they create their own rules. They are the protectors. They trust themselves, they have confidence and this is extremely attractive.

Becoming your own attraction begins when you are focused on your higher calling that drives you and wakes you up every single day. This way you become a magnet of attraction. You become inspirational.

When you feel sorry for yourself and you don’t like yourself, then you lose your sex appeal. You become less attractive because if you are not comfortable with yourself, how can any woman be comfortable with you?

Be a giver. That is another easy way to be more attractive to women. The giver is the one who not only pays for meals, but the giver is when a man embraces his masculine energy a 100% and begins to embody the principle of openness.

Many men say that they cannot find anybody and that they are nervous in approaching women. The giver is that classical archetype of the guy who just starts speaking to women freely, not because he wants anything but because he’s going to share information about how to raise their consciousness levels, whether it’s about food, sports or music. It’s always something they can grow and learn from.

When you become the giver, it’s not just about giving to one woman, it’s about giving to your community. Once you start giving to your community and helping the planet evolve, you become even more attractive because once again you are showing that you are able to move out of your comfort zone.

Many men have been conditioned to hide their emotions. If you can’t open up, you can’t expect people around you to open up. Expressing your emotions is how to be more more attractive to women.

How does attraction begin?

It is not only through looks. When you feel negatively towards women, this is going to affect how you interact with them. Loosen up and smile more.

Whenever you have a high ideal, you become more attractive. When you don’t just see a woman as a sex object but also as mother of humanity, that is how to be more attractive.

Many men are afraid to approach; and confidence is essential. Confidence is also in the body language.

If your head is bowed down to the ground, you express no confidence and become less appealing because it shows that you don’t trust yourself.

Once you walk with confidence, automatically you become more attractive.

Lastly it’s all about communication. Being a good communicator is universally attractive.

Many times women tell that the man they are with doesn’t listen to them. To be a good communicator, you have to become a better listener.

Communicating is about diving deep and creating a greater chemistry with the woman you are with.


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Matteo Trovato writes about positive ideas for living a happier life and becoming your greatest version. You can connect with him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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