Do What You Love – How Bad Do You Want It?

Growing up you were told that you had to study and that if you wanted to make it in this world you needed to get a degree and a job.

A lot of people have a job which they don’t like, they are in the job complaining about it but they don’t leave it.

If you love your job, that is fantastic, and a lot of people do; you only hate your job when you are in resistance to your job.

There are 7 ways to love what you do and make a living out of it.

  1. Take a 100% responsibility for where you find yourself

    It is nobody’s job to love you, only for you to love yourself a 100%. Many people feel that they are victim of circumstance. They feel that somebody is doing something to them.

    Once you realize that you have to take responsibility for where you find yourself, then you can move into taking action because your thoughts change your perspective. Thoughts hold tremendous power, but the next step is ACTION.

    It’s now or never

  2. Love what you do

    Your passion is your true work in disguise. Every day you wake up and you feel great, you have a smile on your face because you are doing what your heart resonates with.

    A lot of times when we don’t love what we do, the work we produce is not excellent. Once you have passion, you produce better work.

  3. Multiple streams of income

    That is how to turn your 9-5 into a 24 hour holiday. A lot of people think that money is a deadly word. Money is only a tool, it is a medium of exchange.

    Your attitude to money, is money’s attitude to you. If you have a negative attitude, you find that you will always live in lack because abundance is our natural state.  A lot of people are surviving when they don’t have to, they are struggling, they are in a job which is just over broke.

    Money only gives you more of what you already have. This is liberating because you see that it’s not the money which is important, it’s whether or not you are comfortable doing what you do.

    When you go to work, it is the label they are paying you for because money has no value, therefore we are the currency we are working for.

  4. Sensitivity

    Sensitivity is the key to your inner freedom. Once you become sensitive, you feel the subtle energy around you.

    Becoming sensitive frees us, it becomes our inner guidance system. Too many people have become desensitised.

  5. Offer a service

    Once you can share your own knowledge and wisdom, you will forever live in abundance. A lot of people just say that they want to follow their hearts, but how can they generate financial revenue from that?

    You have to cultivate your talents and gifts and see what service you can provide that can help you become the greatest version of yourself and other people too. Once you do what you love, helping other people becomes a by-product.

  6. Study everything but study yourself first

    Are you studying everyday about your passion? Are you getting closer to your desired goal?

  7. Surround yourself with like-minded people

    Surround yourself with people who share your same vision, people who help uplift you. Connect with people who remind you who you are.

    But be careful who you share your dreams with. It is nobody’s job to love you, only for you to love yourself a 100%. Once you love yourself a 100% you move into the direction of your true passion.

Many of us are tired of doing the same thing. We have to break the pattern, the routine. To create the lifestyle that you want, you have to never be afraid to venture into the new.

You have to realize that you are deserving for the life that you choose to live.

About the Author

Matteo Trovato writes about positive ideas for living a happier life and becoming your greatest version. You can connect with him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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