Overcoming Shyness: 5 Ways To Increase Your Confidence

Why do we feel nervous when we approach people? Overcoming shyness is beneficial for people dealing with panic attacks, anxiety and fear.

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Do What You Love – How Bad Do You Want It?

Growing up you were told that you had to study and that if you wanted to make it in this world you needed to get a degree and a job.

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The Only 5 Public Speaking Tips You’ll Ever Need

Nobody is listening. We always feel that people are listening to the words coming out of our mouth. In reality people are not captivated by what you say, but they are captivated by your energy. It is never what you say, it’s the energy behind that matters.

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8 Things Successful People Do

Growing up we are told that we have to be successful, that we have to make lots of money. In reality success is about your own personal happiness. The value that you give to life in the present moment. Success is not in the destination, success is in the journey.

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5 Amazing Superfoods Everyone Needs To Eat

Nature is so smart that puts the medicine in the foods. We are in the time where we have to start embracing ourselves more. Superfoods can help you cultivate more love for yourself. Many people don’t feel good about themselves because it’s linked into the kind of foods they are eating. If you eat junk you feel like junk. 

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