80+ Inspiring Random Acts Of Kindness

Lately, I’ve been noticing a lot of videos going on around the internet of people helping others. But what if I told you there is a way we could help hundreds of people by just doing one random act of kindness?

Here below, you find the “Awesome Random Acts of Kindness Guide” with 88 inspiring deeds on it.

What would be really cool is if you would print it out and when you’re done, you just pass it on to the people that you do the good deeds for.

Enjoy it!

Awesome Random Acts Of Kindness Guide

1. Tell a street performer how amazing he or she is

2. Bring flowers to a nursing home

3. Leave a letter in a library book

4. Leave happy note around town

5. Tell someone why they are special to you

6. Email or write a letter to an old teacher who made a difference in your life

7. Pray for a friend or family member

8. Compliment a stranger

9. Stand up for the underdog

10. Hold a “dog wash” to raise money for a good cause

11. Help someone carry their grocery bags

12. Donate blood

13. Give up your seat on a bus

14. Leave flowers on someone’s car

15. Praise the work of others

16. Befriend with a lonely person

17. Help someone whose car has broken down

18. Bring dog/cat food to a shelter

19. Forgive someone. Repeat as necessary.

20. Give away stuff you don’t use anymore for free

21. Do a chore for someone without them knowing

22. Do something nice for yourself

23. Greet everyone you see

24. Give an unexpected gift

25. Call your parents and tell them you love them

26. Lend your knowledge and expertise

27. Make two lunches and give one for free

28. Leave a colouring book and crayons in a hospital waiting room

29. Sit with someone who is eating alone

30. Buy dessert for someone at a restaurant anonymously

31. Clean someone’s windshield

32. Put sticky notes with positive words in public places

33. Smile at others

34. Give cold drinks to road workers in the summer months and hot drinks in the winter time

35. Help lost people in your city

36. Make someone laugh

37. Give your neighbour a treat

38. Give coupons for someone to use at the grocery store

39. Share your umbrella with someone who didn’t bring one

40. Hug random people

41. Write a thank you note

42. Let a car in front of you merge

43. Plant a tree

44. Surprise someone who lives far away by visiting them unexpectedly

45. Return someone’s cart at the store

46. Connect people to each other

47. Leave cookies for the mailman

48. Pay someone’s parking meter

49. Bring in your neighbour’s trash cans

50. Be empathetic

51. Let someone go in line in front of you

52. Let someone take your parking spot

53. Buy a dozen flowers and hand them out to random people

54. Walk dogs at the shelter

55. Donate used clothing

56. Hold the door open for someone

57. Be encouraging

58. Be understanding

59. If you’re just thinking nice things about a person, text them to let them know.

60. Be kind to someone you dislike

61. Tell a stranger in the dressing room who is shopping alone that something looks great on them.

62. Buy a coffee for the person behind you

63. Offer a ride to someone who is car-less

64. Donate used books to the library

65. Send a handmade card to someone

66. Make a donation in your name to a charity

67. Offer a meal to a homeless person

68. Be thoughtful

69. Wash someone’s car for free

70. Bake a treat for someone

71. Take the time to listen to someone’s story

72. Offer to fix something broken at your friend’s or parents’ house

73. Leave a generous tip

74. Be patient

75. Call a homeless shelter. Ask what they need. Bring it.

76. Pick up litter

77. Help someone with yard work

78. Be thankful

79. Bring donuts to work

80. Offer to take a picture for tourists

81. Say thank you to a janitor

82. Buy parking passes to give to parents of children in the hospital

83. Make a memory box for someone you are with little paper notes of all the things you did together over the years and give it to them

84. Drop off bus tickets to a shelter

85. Offer to walk your neighbor’s dog

86. Leave “Have a happy day” on the windshield of as many cars as possible

87. Help an elderly person or someone in need to cross the street

88. Share this list to encourage other to do Random Acts of Kindness

What are you waiting for? Let’s change the world together, and if you can’t print out the list, you can also help out by just sharing this post on Facebook and Twitter.

If we spread it across the internet enough, maybe this list will go around the whole world.

Until next time.

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