7 Steps To Discover What You Want In Life

You have to be ok to want. It is fine to accept that you have desires, because when you are in denial of your desires you don’t know what you want.

Desires are all about expansion.

How to Discover What You Want – Step 1: Pause & Rest

So many people live their lives on autopilot, they work in a job, they don’t know why they are there and everything just becomes a habit. But your habitat is where you live.

    • Are you comfortable living where you are?
    • Would you be comfortable if someone was to take a freeze-frame of this moment and hang it up on your wall?
    • Would that define who you are? Would you be proud of that picture?

Stop whatever you are doing. Go into nature. Mediate. Mediation clears the mind. Meditation improves your cardiovascular system, it brings radiance, it makes you smile again.

Many people are desensitized on the planet. When you are desensitized you can’t feel anything. You block everyone out. So now, how do you know what you want?

By going into nature you reconnect back to the elements of Earth and this helps you discover what you want.

How to Discover What You Want – Step 2: Find the meaning

What is the meaning of your whole existence? Once you ask yourself that, then you will see why you came here. 

It’s all about your own personal meaning. That is how to discover what you want.

How to Discover What You Want – Step 3: Beliefs

Where do we get our beliefs from? All of the ideas that you have in your head are not you. They are handed down to you from your family, from your friends and from the society you live in. Therefore all of these ideas shape your perception. 

To discover what you want you have to question your belief system. You have to question your thoughts.

How to Discover What You Want – Step 4: Visualization

You discover what you want when you are not thinking about it, but the thoughts come.

Life is what happens when you are making other plans.

How to Discover What You Want – Step 5: Take action

Every path you take will lead to another road. There is no destination. The whole of life is a process. We are free to make mistakes, we are free to even try it out. 

When you are not afraid to experiment, to let go of everything holding you back, to let go of people who are telling you can’t do something, to stop caring what other people think, that is how to discover what you want and that helps you become the greatest version of yourself.

Stop waiting. Why are you waiting all the time? Stop waiting for everything to be perfect. Letting go of perfection is where perfection begins.

How to Discover What You Want – Step 6: What if money was no object

When you stop worrying about the external and focus on the internal, things become clearer.

So many of us have conditioning from our society. We have this expectancy of what we think we should do, when that may not be what we authentically want to do.

You can only discover your true wants by tapping into your true emotions. 

How to Discover What You Want – Step 7 : Surrender to Fear

You discover what you want when you make fear your ally, because fear is the gatekeeper to your wildest desires. Embracing your fears is the only way to see what your heart is beating for. What you are most afraid of holds a tremendous power. The mere fact that you are afraid of following a passion, means that it holds a deep significance.

What are you focusing on most during the day? That is how to know what you want.

When you become mindful you start discovering your wants and you start seeing that the mind created all the rules and boundaries to how you live your life.

We are here on this planet to always push the boundaries, to change how we see ourselves. Many people say they are only good for a certain job, but in finding your true desires you must go back before you had the concept of who you thought you were.

Who you think you are becomes a limitation and dictates what you desires.

About the Author

Matteo Trovato writes about positive ideas for living a happier life and becoming your greatest version. You can connect with him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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