7 Powerful Behaviors To Stop Absorbing Other People’s Energy

Are you a sensitive person? You are maybe one of those persons who easily pick up other people’s energy. You enter into a room and you can feel the energy of the room.

You have to discern between empathy and sympathy. Empathy is where you feel into other people’s emotions. Sympathy is where you just have compassion. But having a lot of empathy means that you start embodying other people’s feelings and what they are going through.

Our whole Planet Earth is comprised of an infinite reservoir of energy as is the human body, and it’s inevitable to get in contact with other people’s energy.

You may bump into someone who may push your burdens.

fat man bumps on woman on the bus

So how do you stop absorbing other people’s energy? How can you dispel negative energy?

  1. Discover Your Unresolved Issues

    You don’t have to focus on what other people are doing. You have to focus on things that you have to repair within yourself that other people highlight in certain situations and circumstances you face in life.

    What happens when you get into a conversation with someone and you feel offended? They’ve hit a nerve which makes you want to lash out at them.

    What have they done? They have acted as a catalyst to awaken the sleeping giant. It could have been any other person in any other location. In fact, you find that it’s not so much the other person as it is your unresolved issues.

    What’s going to help you stop absorbing other people’s energy, is to start taking a serious look at those issues.

    A lot of people live from the outside in, so other people become their problems. But when you start to live from the inside out, that’s when you start gaining more clarity.

    For many people it’s hard to talk about unresolved issues because they don’t want to take responsibility.

    Everybody will be your problem until you start taking a look within yourself and start repairing your unresolved issues, and start healing wounds to become complete, and start reintegrating the fragmented parts of yourself to become your greatest version.

  2. Express Yourself 100%

    Express yourself without guilt. What happens when someone talks to you for hours and you want to say something but you don’t want to be rude? You stay silent. You become a sponge. You are now absorbing all of their energy.

    By acting like this you neglect your true authenticity and you stop feeling good about yourself. But once you can really express 100% and remove guilt from the equation, you develop a greater transparency which will allow you to become your greatest version.

    Many times the reason why so many people don’t express how they really feel is because they have been told that their true feelings don’t matter.

    Growing up we worked on the reward and punishment principles. If you did things right, or even if you did what your parents wanted, you would be rewarded even if you didn’t really feel deep down this is what you wanted to do.

    We all have a lot of repressed emotions. Suppression is depression, and once you can express yourself 100%, you start to reduce anxiety.

  3. You Are Not Responsible For Others

    You have no control over how other people respond to you, how they act to you and how they feel towards you.

    In doing so you free yourself by the burden of carrying someone else’s behaviour on your shoulders. Therefore, you don’t absorb other people’s energy. It’s nothing personal.

  4. Find Your Environment

    It’s not all about the outer environment. It’s especially about the inner environment. It’s never where you are at, it’s where you feel you are at.

    Why is the environment so important? Our environment alters our DNA, but in particular, it is our perception that alters our DNA.

    The environment alters your mood. How you see yourself governs what you become. You have to take 100% responsibility for where you place yourself. More than ever, when you place yourself in an environment which complements your own energy, the magic starts to happens.

    What you see with your eyes and what you have inside of yourself becomes a reflection of how you feel. Once you have harmony within yourself, you stop absorbing other people’s energy and you start imprinting your energy on the world around you.

  5. Let Go Of The Need To Be Validated

    You don’t need external validation. You only need support. Many times along our lives we search for external approval, which is why you start absorbing other people’s energy. Because you feel frustrated if you are not getting it.

    Once you love yourself 100%, once you trust yourself 100%, once you have confidence in yourself 100%, you begin to validate yourself.

    To stop absorbing other people’s energy, you have to stay true to yourself 100% and allow your authenticity to flourish and blossom without other people’s opinions.

    Yes, what others have to say does matter but at the same time you must become aware of how you react to other people’s views.

    Once you start taking action and remain focused on your activity; even if people say “hurtful” things about you or your work, you are not even concerned. Why? Because you love what you are doing.

    The world is all about contrast. Contrast is essential. Once you surrender to contrast and understand that we need friction, you also understand that there are always going to be people that will get on your nerves, unless you start changing your perspective and realize that these people are also serving a role in the world.

    Just remind yourself to connect with those who remind you who you are. This helps you to stop absorbing harmful energy and to start absorbing more positive energy.

  6. The Invitation

    Nobody can enter your dominion without an invitation. You attract every single person into your life.

    We are consciously or unconsciously inviting people into our lives, and not absorbing other people’s energy is to remind yourself of this every single day.

    You have the power within to choose whether or not you want to invite a certain person in your temple, which is essentially within yourself.

  7. Do Not Pay Attention

    When you wake up in the morning, you only have so much energy. Throughout the day you use that energy by giving it to people and things around you, until the end of the day where there’s almost nothing left and you feel tired and you go to sleep again.

    What you have to understand is that some people fill you with energy and some people drain you of energy. The people that drain you of energy are also called “energy vampires”.

    They can be your colleagues, your friends or even close family members. An energy vampire is someone who uses your energy to survive.

    One of the important things to do is to really identify whether they are temporary energy vampires or inherently energy vampires.

    A temporary energy vampire is someone who is going through a difficult time in his life or someone in the family has died and for a few months they are energetically draining.

    But if someone is inherently an energy vampire, then it’s really important to take note of that.

    That’s a personality trait that’s not going to change any time soon unless they are actively working on it. Most energy vampires don’t want to work on themselves anyway.

    One of the things to do at this point is to identify these people. One way to do it, is by asking yourself after you have spent time with someone, “Do I feel uplifted or do I feel drained?”.

    You don’t want to feel drained. You want to avoid those people. You have worked so hard to uplift yourself and be a better human being. Why would you allow someone else to come and drain you?

    There is no reason to feel guilty about it. Even if they are a close friend or a family member, it’s ok to eventually walk away from them because what you are doing is looking after yourself.

    By uplifting yourself, you uplift everyone around you. If you allow somebody to pull you down, then you are actually doing a disservice to all your other friends and to all your other family members.

    By allowing one person to pull you down, you are not allowing you to uplift your other friends and family members that are around you who could be uplifted by your presence.

    When you pay someone attention, you are essentially giving them energy. You have to change your focus to stop absorbing other people’s energy.

    Whatever you focus on grows.

    Are you focusing on what you want or are you focusing on what you fear?

You create your own reality based on thoughts and feelings. You have to remember how to protect yourself from harmful energy. Remember to have fun and smile.

I hope you learned something you might be able to apply to your life. Join the conversation in the comment section below and let me know what other methods you use to stop absorbing other people’s energy.

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