5 Powerful Ways Women Can Use To Become More Attractive

Women continuously ask themselves how to become more attractive to men. Many women are trying too hard. The more you as a woman depend on make-up the more a man doesn’t even know what you look like. Once women are comfortable within their own skin, it’s when they become more attractive to men.

How do you really become more attractive?

    1. Become your own attraction

      Instead of searching for love, start cultivating the love within yourself. And the only way to do this is to start becoming your own attraction. It doesn’t matter if a man finds you attractive or not. You have to find yourself so attractive and loveable first. You have to be comfortable in your own presence because that cultivates self-care.

      Additionally, this is the most attractive thing in a woman. This identifies a woman who is connected to her true authenticity, who is not trying to impress a man, but is in love with the core of who she is; and because of this she has this inner radiance and outer beauty.

      Naturally she becomes more attractive

    2. Embrace your femininity

      Men love seeing women who are deeply connected to the feminine principle. And it’s rare in this day and age because what’s happening is that men are moving out of the masculine principle and women are moving out of the feminine principle. This is not good or bad. It is the science of the time because we are living in a new world and that’s why everything is being reset. Our whole perception of relationships and how these energies interplay with each other is changing every single second.

      But a woman who is connected to her feminine essence is much more attractive because the feminine principle is yielding, it surrenders, it is passive, but it is powerful. The most attractive thing is the warmth of a woman and that’s where women can find such a great power.
      The more you aren’t in a resistance to your feminine energy, the more it will actually work for you. You develop that intuition. Intuition is your inner oracle.

      You have to let go, and there is nothing more attractive than seeing a woman who has totally let go. From a man’s point of view he is in awe, he is captivated by your divine beauty.

    3. Be open and express yourself

      As a woman you’ve been told that you don’t want to smile because it may give off the wrong impression. But the more you connect to your true authenticity the more power you have, because now you are not suppressing your emotions.

      The reason why smiling is so attractive is because whenever you smile, your eyes are sparkling. Smiling makes your eyes glow and the eyes are the windows to the soul. Love at first sight usually happens when a smile is involved.

    4. Listen

      When women listen, this is when they become even more attractive to men. By listening you are not trying to change the other person, plus you are accepting them for who they are. Many times a lot of men say that their partner doesn’t understand them, they need someone to talk to.

      The greatest thing that creates a more loving relationship is communication. Communication is not only speaking and yelling but it’s also listening. That’s so attractive because it is connected to the feminine principle.

      This is all a personal choice. There are certain men you don’t want to listen to and that’s ok. But being free to listen is super attractive because it shows the man that you care about what he’s talking about. And if you genuinely do care that’s how you become incredibly attractive.

    5. Become a warrior queen

      This is all about the synthesis of using the feminine principle and the masculine principle together. In essence the woman is letting go of duality. This another powerful way to become more attractive. A warrior queen is a woman who is not just focused on her beauty to catch a man’s attention, but she also uses her amazing intelligence. Men love to learn from women.

      The warrior queen is the one who is not afraid to dive deep, to talk about crystals, esoteric information; women who are helping to raise the vibration of the planet. This is one of the most attractive qualities a woman can have because they balance both energies equally. It is extremely powerful, and the woman becomes irresistible.

Be yourself. Become your own attraction. Ask yourself, do you appreciate how you look? Do you appreciate how you feel? Do you accept and love yourself a 100%? What you will find is that the more you do, the more you become more attractive.

About the Author

Matteo Trovato writes about positive ideas for living a happier life and becoming your greatest version. You can connect with him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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