5 Hard Things To Let Go Of

Letting go is not always easy. But there are things that we do that make it even harder.

Here are 5 things that many people find hard to let go of.

  1. Favorites

    Do you place one thing over another? Do you have favorites? It’s hard to make a choice.

    Daily creation can help you overcome this problem. In daily creation, you let go of this attachment to whatever you are doing.

    Some people are so talented, but talent can only get you so far. You need passion. Passion is consistency, where you become a master of your craft by doing it daily and living with it. In that way, you see, that whatever you do equates to the same thing because it’s all an expression of who you are.

    Daily creation also makes you become aware that some of the things that you are doing every day are totally pointless. You are working so hard that you don’t know what you are working for and where you are going to.

    Keep on creating and you are going to discover.

  2. Accumulation

    The reason why we want to hold onto old stuff, is because we all we have a sort of survival program running in our head.

    What if it runs out? I need to get as much as I can.

    There is a difference between what we want and what we need. When you just have the bare essentials, you feel so much lighter. You only need a small amount of things to be satisfied. It’s all about being resourceful. Maximize what you have.

    It’s great to accumulate if what you accumulate serves a function, but if it just sits there than you room becomes cluttered. This affects the energy all around you and your personal energy as well.

    Decluttering is not just of physical stuff. We also accumulate experiences that don’t serve us. The secret is to Keep It Simple.

  3. Always Learn

    What happens to a lot of us is that we become comfortable with learning what we already know, staying in the same boat. We keep relearning it. So, why are we still going over it?

    To really grow you always have to try something new. A lot of people just want to play it safe. But if you are not careful you could stagnate. Move out of your comfort zone.

  4. Allow the past to define you

    Many people use their experiences from the past to justify their actions today. It is part of their story, but how is this story serving them?

    Sometimes you don’t even have a clue of what the people that smile the most have gone through. When you become the alchemist of your life, you have ultimate power over your internal condition.

    Make peace with the past.

    yourself, forgive other people for what they’ve done and also realize that you are not the same person so you can’t hold the past against you. Those other people aren’t the same people too. They may have changed.

    We live in a forever changing universe and all of this allows us to put things in perspective and see the bigger picture.

  5. Resistance to change

    Change is not easy, but it’s inevitable. Embrace change every single day in small simple ways. When you break patterns you become formless. You step into your “superhuman” powers.

    The reason why so many people are holding on and they are not able to let go is because they think that what they have is the best there is.

    Their resistance prevents them from seeing all there is. Sometimes life can seem uncertain, it can seem that we will never recreate that certain feeling. But in reality it can even be ten times better.

    The more you embrace change, the more great things happen. Prepare for change.

    Once you embrace the change within yourself, you embrace the change within others.

Let go. Surrender to the flow of life and step into your greatness.

There’s not really a lot you have to do, there is just a lot you have to allow.

About the Author

Matteo Trovato writes about positive ideas for living a happier life and becoming your greatest version. You can connect with him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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