3 Steps To Instantly Boost Your Self-Acceptance

Have you ever experienced that awkward moment when you see a group of people you know, maybe at a party, and you avoid them? You don’t look them in the eyes, you are nervous and scared. You feel inferior to them.

How do you stop avoiding people and start accepting yourself?

Basically, people who don’t accept themselves is because they try too hard to be liked by other people. But the truth of the matter is that when other people love you, it is not a prerequisite for inner wellness.

When you accept yourself fully, that is the only prerequisite for inner wellness; because it all starts with you.

Many people say they don’t accept themselves. They don’t like their body, they feel they don’t want to be where they are, they don’t like their job but at the same time they say they can’t change.

In essence, they don’t like their life situation.

It’s my belief that self-acceptance depends on three central areas of your life. By working on all these three aspects at the same time, you’ll be able to significantly increase your self-acceptance and self-esteem, without the risk to incur more awkward moments.

The three areas you need to work on are: your relationship with your body, your relationship with your mind and your relationship with your heart.

1. Are you comfortable in your skin? Do you love your body?

When you don’t like your body, when you despise it, what happens?

This affects your behavior in every single action you make and by consequence, this also affects every single interaction you have. I have seen that to embrace your body 100%, you first have to be ok with your flaws.

So many of us are trying to fit in. Many people want to look like supermodels or want to have a six pack. But ask yourself this: Does trying to fit in, looking like a supermodel or having a six pack, help you become the greatest version of yourself?

All of those things are based on someone else’s perception of you, but the perception you have of yourself is greater than the perception other people have of you.

You will notice that your confidence will start to grow once you’ll let go of the structure that our society is built upon.

Many people keep themselves in the same pattern for the majority of their lives. Therefore, it’s scary for them to do something new.

I found that setting challenges and taking risks, has allowed me to accept myself more over time and to separate myself from the masses.

You are here to express yourself freely and to connect with those who remind you who you are.

2. Do you have control over your thoughts?

Getting past low self-acceptance is almost entirely a mindset thing. The right attitude can move mountains.

How many things do you believe which don’t really serve you?

For example, you might say: “I can’t make new friends. I’m below others”. These thoughts come from an identification of yourself with the inability to make new friends, for that reason you become what you are tuned into.

Instead, you should say “I am worthy. I can find new friends”.

Changing the words you use, changes how you see yourself. Talk to yourself with care because the greatest friend and the greatest enemy lies within yourself.

You have to keep close eyes on yourself all the time.

He who says he can and he who says he can’t are both usually right – Confucius

3. Are you connected to the environment around yourself?

A lot of us are afraid to feel. Therefore, we are afraid to accept.

Many people, in our modern society, have become desensitized. But more importantly they have become disconnected from their environment.

I found that just by reconnecting back to nature you can learn so much.

Nature is patient. Nature just takes things slow. A lot of people instead are constantly rushing around.

If you can’t accept yourself, can you at least feel yourself?

Every day I am setting myself daring challenges to get enough dopamine go around my body and to give me the right boost of confidence.

Accepting yourself just starts by doing it. Plunge yourself into your greatest fear and tell me what happens. Most of us just think of the worst case scenario, “What if it goes wrong?”. But I say: “What if it goes right?”.

When I started to transcend this whole fear of it “going wrong” or “going right”, it freed me because it’s all about seeing that your mistakes are part of who you are as a person. In reality, there are no mistakes. It’s all a continuous process.

Once you tap into that secret, you can create anything forever because you let go of this resistance to the truth of who you are.

You have so much to share. Don’t let a belief system stop you. Love yourself and focus on what you are most grateful for.

And when you start to share what you are most grateful for, that’s when you start to accept yourself.

Share with me what you are most grateful for in your life right now and start to accept yourself from now on.

About the Author

Matteo Trovato writes about positive ideas for living a happier life and becoming your greatest version. You can connect with him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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