13 Secrets To Happiness – Things To Remember When Life Gets Rough

We’ve all had a hard life. But you have to smile through all the nonsense you go through and you have to come out on the other side shining, beaming and glowing because life is not going to get any easier.

The secret to happiness is making the best out of the worst and not allowing external events to govern your internal condition. You have to remind yourself that you have all the tools inside of you to overcome the obstacles life sends your way.

The 13 secrets to happiness:

  1. Secret to happiness n.1: Don’t take life too seriously

    When you find yourself in a challenging situation you freeze up and immobilize yourself, when instead you have to express yourself. Through that release, you can find the inner happiness.

  2. Secret to happiness n.2: Power of focus

    You turn into whatever you are tuned into. When “negative things” happen, you have to ask yourself where are you placing your focus.

    Once you realize that you are co-creating your life through your imagination and the power of visualisation, you can change your reality.

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  3. Secret to happiness n.3: Be aware

    How you react to a situation determines how you will experience the situation. You can’t stop things from happening.

    Become aware of how you react. You have the power to create more harmony, more happiness and more abundance in any situation.

  4. Secret to happiness n.4: Power of attitude

    A lot of times, we feel victims. It is always someone out there doing everything to us. But if you don’t see the power of your attitude, you will always remain stuck because you make choices every single day.

    And it’s through those choices that you allow freedom into your life.

  5. Secret to happiness n.5: Live in the present

    When something “bad” happens, you start thinking of other future scenarios or you flashback to the past.

    The fundamental problem that so many people have is the so-called existential crisis. This happens when you live too much into your mind instead of your heart.

    Make sure to connect with your true authenticity by surrendering to who you think you are.

    Your personal identity (your race, your color, your gender, what clothes you are wearing, how much money you have, etc.) keeps you out of the now.

  6. Secret to happiness n.6: Exercise

    Moving your body helps you reduce anxiety, stress and panic. By moving your body, you also move out of your mind and tap into your heart.

  7. Secret to happiness n.7: Meditation

    Just do what your heart resonates with. Do whatever brings you more into the now, where you don’t judge how you feel, where you are not in resistance. It’s that resistance that makes life so rough.

    Through meditation you surrender to life.

    The problems we have are all man made. We have created a web and we are the only ones who are going to get out of it.

  8. Secret to happiness n.8: Eat right

    When life gets rough you have to remind yourself that you are what you eat. Whatever you eat is energy. Therefore, are you eating life or are you eating death?

  9. Secret to happiness n.9: Who cares what they think

    Everyone is going to have an opinion of what you do and this is why we make life so hard on ourselves. But it doesn’t really matter what other people think of you because your perception of yourself is the only thing that matters.

    This life we live in is a great game, therefore we have to smile and laugh at it because it’s just not that serious. We make it serious.

  10. Secret to happiness n.10: Take action

    So many people are afraid of making mistakes and they become paralysed in their actions.

    Life becomes easier when you accept yourself. Whatever you have to offer the world, is valuable. But you have to place value on that.

  11. Secret to happiness n.11: The big picture

    Much of what we think we know is not coming from us. It’s coming from the media, it’s coming from the universal mind control. You better wake up!

    To free yourself, you have to see the big picture.

    The reason why so many people don’t feel in a perfect equilibrium is because how they live their lives every day is not in their best interest. It’s not helping them become the greatest version of themselves.

  12. Secret to happiness n.12: Body language

    93% of communication is nonverbal. When things happen to you, you have to be aware of what you do with your body because the body never lies.

    Once you tap into the body, you can see your true intentions, you see your true desire and you get a better knowing of your true self.

    Many people are out of their body for most of the day, so when things happen they try to use their thought process which created the problem in the first place.

    You can’t solve the problem with the same thinking that created it. You have to move into your body to see that you have the power to change any situation for the better.

  13. Secret to happiness n.13: Create a support network

    You have to connect with those people who remind you of who you are. This helps you deal with life when it gets rough.

    You attract what you are. You attract how you feel internally.

    If you don’t feel great, go and make someone happy. Through that positive energy, both of you are going to co-create a happier environment. This, in the long run, makes the world a better place.

We ultimately came here to have fun. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is who had the most fun.

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