10 Underrated Causes of Depression

Many are the causes of depression, and many people suffer from it. If depression was a color, it would be a darkish grey. To overcome depression you have to start changing the colors in your immediate surroundings.

What is depression?
Originating from the latin “deprimere”, which means to press down. It’s all about elevation. We are told that depression is an illness, and many people feel helpless when they are told they have depression.

Depression is a temporary energy block in the “Here” and “Now”, which can be changed in less than one second.

Most Common Causes of Depression

  1. The same environment

    Many people when they feel in a low mood, they may go in their bedroom. But this habit doesn’t serve them and instead they have to let go of whatever no longer serves them. The brain changes based on our experience. The more we form a habit and we go to the same place where we feel not up to our best, the more we create a stronger bond to that place. Go spend more time in nature. It raises your spirit and makes you feel awesome.

  2. Lack of self-love

    Not caring what other people think is the greatest form of self-love. Many people feel inadequate and that they are never good enough. To overcome depression they have to let go of pleasing everyone.  They have to see that just as they are, it is no problem. They have to see that the greatest relationship they can have is the one with themselves. Nobody can love them greater than they can love themselves.

  3. Changing your words, your beliefs and your actions

    What you tell yourself governs your belief system and by consequence this governs your actions. Words are so powerful, beliefs are so powerful. Everything you tell yourselves is part of a story. Many people who suffer from depression they bring up their whole past. But if that story is not serving you then it’s not needed, because depression is suppression. It is happening in the here and now. You have to lose your mind and come to your senses. Move more to your body. Breathe deep from the base of your spine.

    Once you see the power of your thoughts, you see that you have to take 100% responsibility and that you are creating your own reality.

  4. Letting go of control and external pressures

    We want to change how other people see us. Control is an illusion. All we have control over is how we respond to external stimuli and how we govern our own internal condition. Instead of controlling the world from the outside in, we have to start controlling the world from the inside out. Depression is all about where we want a different outcome all the time.

  5. Not caring what other people think

    Among all, this is probably one of the most frequent causes of depression. The only way to free yourself from this is to have a detachment from it, to not take yourself so seriously, to have fun. To move past depression you have to start moving more into your body. That is the only way to free yourself from depression.

  6. Moving past the perfection trap

    No matter what you do, how many trophies you get, it doesn’t matter. How do you feel when your are doing what you are doing? That’s what matters the most.

  7. Change your diet

    Embracing a more plant-based diet will help you free yourself from anxiety because you are what you eat. Food plays an integral role in helping you become the greatest version of yourself. Eating more leafy greens, juicing, getting phytonutrients and antioxidants, will help you feel alive.

  8. Exercise

    Move the body, because the body is the instrument, and you control this instrument through your thoughts. It is powerful once you start making time to see that the body never lies. You tell yourself you are doing great but the body never lies. Listen to your body. It is the inner oracle, it will never fail you.

  9. Love what you do

    Embrace your passion. Many people feel depressed because they know deep down in their hearts that this is not what they came here to do. The greatest reason many people feel depressed is because they are doing something which their heart doesn’t resonate with. The more you move into your passion, the more you let go of depression.

  10. Let go of the justification for your depression

    Anything you tell yourselves is a story. The question is “How is it serving you?”. For many of us depression is emanating from the past, but the only way to overcome depression is to move in to the present moment. Giving yourself an excuse to hold on to negative emotions doesn’t serve you. You have to let go of all the facts and the details. The biggest reason why so many people suffer from depression is because they are egocentric, they are focusing on all their problems.

    Once you see there are people out there who love you, who care for you, then you start connecting with people who remind you who you are. A big cause of depression is focus. Once you start changing your focus, you start overcoming depression. You have to start focusing on what raises your spirits. By changing your focus you can change your life.

    Your thoughts are like a radio signal. So you have to ask yourself “what are you putting out there”?. The whole universe is like an echo. Depression is not an abstract term or concept. Depression is the present moment. To overcome depression you have to embrace the power of now. To overcome depression you have to start moving more into your heart space, you have to start forming more heart-based connections instead of mind-based connections. You have to stop being so hard on yourself and see that you are good enough.

    You were born champion and you have to live the dream every single day when you wake up. Once you can be thankful, you will see that there is nothing to be depressed about.

At the end of the day it’s all about who has the most fun.

About the Author

Matteo Trovato writes about positive ideas for living a happier life and becoming your greatest version. You can connect with him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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