10 Reasons Why Eating Junk Food Is The Best Way To Get Older Faster

There are a million reasons to avoid junk foods and eat more healthy. In this article, we are going to be listing the top 10 reasons why junk foods cause early aging and degeneration.

  1. No Nutrients

    Our bodies are in a constant state of growth, repair and maintenance. The metabolic processes that go on within our cells require a whole range of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, fats, water, etc.

    When you don’t get the nutrients your body needs, then your body is less equipped to do all of those general functions.

    So you can imagine that the growth, repair and maintenance of your skin, hair, bones and internal organs are all being compromised whenever you eat junk foods instead of healthy natural foods.

  2. Dehydration

    Water is the basis of your blood, your brain, your intracellular fluid and it’s also required for every single metabolic process that your body does.

    Soda, coffee, beer and other beverages not only contain empty calories, refined sugar, caffeine and other chemicals which zap water out of your body, but they also replace the water you should drink with your meal or throughout the day.

    I personally suggest you to carry around a glass water bottle everywhere you go that you can reuse and refill so that you are constantly drinking water.

    Filtered water is best for you but even tap water is better than soda, coffee or any other beverage you could drink.

    Tea is a close second to water and has a lot of nutritional benefits in itself; you just want to be aware of the caffeine content.

    Coconut water is actually more hydrating than regular water and it also contains electrolytes. Coconut water is a great replacement for energy drinks or any time that you feel especially dehydrated and thirsty.

  3. Chemicals (Free Radical Damage)

    Junk foods are loaded with chemicals added for flavor, texture, preservation, appearance, etc. Every time that your body does a chemical reaction to deal with these chemicals, you end up with some leftovers called free radicals.

    Free radicals are energetic, unstable molecules that go in and attack your healthy cells and your healthy tissues so that they can attempt to neutralize that energetic instability.

    The more you eat chemicals, the more chemical reactions you will have and the more free radicals you will have. Your body is equipped to deal with a certain amount of  free radical damage, and this oxidative stress is a natural part of the aging process.

    But when you really overload your body with chemicals and free radicals, then that is a great way to accelerate aging.

    Cigarette smoke is another thing that contains a great amount of free radicals.

  4. Toxins

    Many chemical food additives are just plain toxic. MSG (monosodium glutamate) is a clear example. A substance which is known to have toxic effects in the body, but is used in foods anyway. Even for the flavors or the addictive properties.

    Nitrates which are used in processed meat, especially hot dogs or pre-packaged deli meats, can also have a toxic effect once being converted by the body.

    Alcohol is another great example of a toxin.

    The bottom line is that there are so many chemicals, that it’s nearly impossible to thoroughly test each and every one of them. Much less for you to remember which chemical is which, and which one is toxic.

    The easiest solution is just to avoid these chemically altered franking foods in the first place.

  5. Refined Sugar

    Our bodies were designed to run on fats, proteins and complex carbohydrates. We really aren’t equipped to process huge amounts of refined sugar, even though that’s what most people actually eat.

    Too much refined sugar in your blood literally attacks your healthy cells and tissues, especially collagen which we know is important for giving our skin that youthful elasticity.

    Eating too much refined sugar is also going to stress your adrenals and that will give you problems with energy and sleep. That is going to accelerate aging too.

  6. Blood Sugar Spikes

    Your body constantly works to maintain a consistent blood sugar level. Your blood has to have just enough sugar that your body has the energy it needs, but not so much sugar in order to avoid any damages.

    Every time you eat, you affect your blood sugar levels and when you eat refined sugar and refined flours, it causes a very intense spike in your blood sugar levels.

    If you spike your blood sugar levels too often or too intensely, you can develop insulin resistance and this can lead to type-2 diabetes.

    The amount of stress that your body goes through every time you spike your blood sugar, causes a huge amount of cellular degeneration, oxidative damage and can just in general accelerate aging.

  7. Trans Fats

    Fats play a multitude of roles in your body. The lipid bilayer of every cell in your body is made out of fat, not to mention your brain, your nerve cells and the layer of adipose tissue under your skin that keeps you looking soft and supple.

    When you eat chemically altered fats like partially hydrogenated oils (trans fats) you start playing an evil trick to your body. Your body will use those fats like they would any other fat, but when push comes to shove those fats cannot perform the necessary function.

    Any time that you hinder and challenge your body’s natural functions, you accelerate aging and degeneration.

    Partially hydrogenated oils are found in margarine, vegetable shortening and most processed foods. Opt instead for natural oils like olive oil or coconut oil as a much better alternative to margarine or any olive oil substitute.

  8. Inflammation

    Inflammations occurs when the body sends additional blood and nourishment to a particular area that needs some healing.

    A great example might be an insect bite, a cut or a bruise. But inflammations also occur internally and they’ve been linked to heart disease, cancer and a whole host of other illnesses.

    Partially hydrogenated oil, simple carbohydrates, toxins, trans fats and chemicals in general are all causes of inflammation.

    When you eat a lot of processed and junk foods, you have to know that internally your body has to do some healing. As long as this inflammation goes on, it can also accelerate aging and degeneration.

  9. Obesity and other illnesses

    Anytime your health is compromised, you accelerate the process of aging and degeneration.

    Junk food causes obesity, diabetes and many other illnesses. When you eat processed food you miss out on a huge variety of vitamins, nutrients, minerals, amino acids, etc. from all of the foods that you really should eat instead.

  10. Stress

    Studies have shown that eating while you are stressed out or while you are doing other things can contribute to weight gain and poor digestion.

    Cortisol, the stress hormone, literally stops the process of digestion. Anything that you eat while you are stressed out is going to take a lot longer to process and digest.

    Stress in and of itself has also been shown to accelerate aging and degeneration.

Do you find yourself eating junk food multiple times a week? How do you feel about it? Leave a comment below and tell us your opinion about junk food.

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