Ways to Eat for a Healthier Life – The Right Mindset

I have been thinking about how we eat and diet, often with no success, and also how we have shifted our focus from eating healthy to excessively dieting and restricting calories at the cost of depleting our body of precious nutrients.
Eat Healthier Mindset

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Does our DNA Hold the Secret to Better Health? My FitnessGenes.com Review

FitnessGenes Review

A couple of months ago, I stumble upon the concept of DNA testing. There are several companies who offer, for a price, to analyse your DNA profile and send you your results with lifestyle recommendation. A scientific way to self-improvement. I’m game.

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7 Reasons Why Quitting Sugar Will Make You Happier

Quit Sugar to Be Happier

The average person currently consumes approximately 180 pounds of sugar annually. It sounds shocking, but it is a fact. Yet, if asked, most people would grossly underestimate how much sugar they eat. When trying to guess their daily intake, most would only take into consideration how much sugar they consciously consume.

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How To Become a Good Listener – Do These 8 Things

How to become a good listener

Relationships are built on communication, and communication is a two-way street. To do so you need to be a good listener. You can’t have a good conversation if you’re always preparing to explain yourself, add in your two cents or tell your own related story. That’s not a meaningful conversation, that’s a monologue!

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The Importance of Having a Shutdown Ritual

If you have a 9 to 5 job, you may have trouble preventing your professional life from interfering with your personal life. Considering the omnipresence of technology in our lives nowadays, it can feel like we’re always on the clock, especially if you’re a student or a knowledge worker (lawyer, accountant, teacher, executive etc.) of […]

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