7 Reasons Why Quitting Sugar Will Make You Happier

The average person currently consumes approximately 180 pounds of sugar annually. It sounds shocking, but it is a fact. Yet, if asked, most people would grossly underestimate how much sugar they eat. When trying to guess their daily intake, most would only take into consideration how much sugar they consciously consume.

Quit Sugar to Be Happier

How much sugar did I add to my cup of coffee?


How many donuts did I eat?

The problem is that sugar is currently found in almost every food imaginable; even those that we might not immediately equate as sweet. For example, ketchup, bread, sports drinks, salad dressing, oatmeal, fat-free foods are all loaded with sugar.

This means that giving up sugar may not be as easy as it sounds. Although difficult, it is one of the best things that you can do for yourself. Here are 7 reasons why quitting sugar will make you happier.

1. Losing Weight

Without a doubt, losing weight is one of the biggest advantages of giving up sugar. People who indulge in high sugar diets are always hungry and constantly experience cravings. This is because sugar is quickly processed and converted in the body leading to a perpetual feeling of hunger.

By cutting out sugar of your diet, it becomes easier to control your cravings, what you eat, and by extension your weight. By losing weight, health is improved and there is nothing more important in determining happiness than one’s health.

2. Less Irritable, Anxious and Moody

If you find yourself irritable, anxious, and moody, the reason could be the sugar in your diet. The body is very sensitive to changing glucose levels. The term sugar high is used in everyday language in a jocular manner, but it is a proven scientific fact. When fed sugar, the body releases endorphins giving the feeling of a high. However, this only lasts for a short while before eventually, a crash occurs, leading to fluctuating moods.

Giving up sugar will re-establish the hormonal equilibrium in your brain and thus reduce these changes in mood.

3. Stop Hurting Your Body

You will stop exposing your body to sugar and harmful preservatives. Gary Taubes, the author of the book “The Case Against Sugar” goes so far as to describe sugar as a toxic substance. As extreme as this may sound to some, it is difficult to argue with his assertion when some studies have shown sugar has the same addictive qualities as cocaine and heroin.

People who quit sugar actually liken their symptoms to having withdrawals.

4. Better Sleep

You will sleep better and longer. High blood sugar levels are a leading cause of insomnia. This is because sugar has the effect of keeping you up. Therefore quitting sugar will help improve your sleep patterns.

5. Improved Lifestyle

There can be a renewed focus on a healthy, wholesome lifestyle. Giving up sugar requires a dedication and single-mindedness. It means a conscious effort to educate oneself, read food labels, cook from scratch, change diet, and avoid certain foods altogether. In other words, it requires a commitment to a total lifestyle change. Thus you will join the category of people living happy, healthy, holistic lives.

6. Look Your Best Self

The old adage “Looking good is feeling good“, applies in this case simply because sugar has such a detrimental effect on one’s appearance. People who give up sugar report clearer skin, healthier hair, stronger teeth, and of course weight loss. A better appearance leads to improved feelings of self-worth.

7. More Productive

Improved productivity, memory, and alertness. Those who consume a lot of sugar are prone to peaks and slumps of energy throughout their day. Cutting out sugar helps increase focus and this is beneficial to daily life in work and school.

The benefits of giving up sugar far outweigh those of keeping it in your diet. Quitting sugar is the first step in taking charge of your health and overall well-being. Not only will your body improve, so will your mind.

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